Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Solitude causes/Loneliness, yes, but also/Fits of ecstacy": Beth Griffenhagen & Cynthia Vehslage Meyers

Set to be released in October, Haiku For The Single Girl (Amazon) reminds me of a modern day Chicken Soup For The Soul book (do they still make those?). With honest haiku like, "I saw an old flame/And he looked. Just. Terrible/Ah, schadenfreude," any single girl is bound to relate. Cynthia Vehslage Meyers' illustrations of Beth Griffenhagen's words are simply perfect as well.

Unfortunately, I can't actually find actual contact information for Beth Griffenhagen. However, he website for this book is here, and worth checking out. I did find her twitter account (haiku4singlegrl) and send her the following tweet:
@haiku4singlegrl Just read your book and am going to be blogging about it tomorrow. I just wanted to tell you that I loved it!

I also cannot find any information on Cynthia Vehslage Meyers. Oh well.

Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow or later today! I'm not entirely sure what I'll be posting about yet, so it'll be a surprise for everyone!


  1. Oh do let me know if you find this book as it sound like a book I will thoroughly enjoy.

  2. @Jan
    You can preorder it from Amazon-check the link in the post. :-)