Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Pretty Is As Pretty Does": Marci Peschke & Tuesday Mourning

"Drama Queen" (Amazon) by Marci Peschke and illustrated by Tuesday Mourning is obviously for young children (Amazon says ages 4-8). However, I don't see why an adult wouldn't enjoy reading this book with their child. Yes, the plot is simplistic. It's about a young girl wants to be a beauty queen and has to deal with various obstacles. In this case, her obstacle is a mean new girl named Paula who wants the same part in a school play. However, there are a couple of scenes that parents would probably be more amused at than their child-a miscommunication about a dog being one of them.

When I first read the description of this book, I was a little on the fence about it. After all, do young girls need more beauty queen role models? However, the book contains an important lesson: In order to be pretty you have to act pretty. Occasionally Kylie struggles with this. However, she does her best, and I think that it sends a good message to young girls.

Luckily, both Marci Peschke and Tuesday Mourning have contact information! Here is what I wrote to Marci Peschke:
"I just read Drama Queen (I got a copy from and I wanted to say that I enjoyed it, even though I am definitely not the target audience. I applaud your effort to teach girls that to be pretty they have to act pretty-a lesson many people seem to forget.

Good luck with your writing!"

And here's what I wrote to Tuesday Mourning:
"I just finished reading Drama Queen (I got a copy through and I just wanted to let you know that your illustrations were very enjoyable. I really liked your art style, and I think it's the sort of thing that would appeal to both parents and their children.

Good luck with all your future projects!"

I hope two posts a day isn't too much... I have a lot of books to read and I read pretty fast so I don't see why not. The next post will probably be tomorrow and about Cloud of Ink by L.S. Klatt. See you then!

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