Monday, June 20, 2011

"Is it possible to feel like a stranger in your own skin?": Julie N. Ford

"Count Down To Love" (Amazon) is a cute, if somewhat predictable, romance novel. It tells the story of Kelly Grace Pickens, who is left at the altar on her wedding day. She finds herself with no money and ends up going on a dating show to earn some money and figure out what to do next.

Now, there were parts of this book that made me uncomfortable. Kelly is a southern girl, through and through. She's naive in some ways, and does things that are slightly racist at times, though she doesn't mean to. I think this was supposed to make her more lovable to a certain demographic, but when she talks about the Civil War and claims that just because the south lost, doesn't mean they gave up, well... it just made me a little less on her side. Maybe it's the northerner in me. There are also a lot of invocations to God, which doesn't especially bother me, but might bother some readers.

However, overall I enjoyed this book. It was a light, fun romance novel. A good beach read, I would say. Even if the main character and I didn't see eye to eye all of the time, I still enjoyed the concept and story.

There is an email address for Julie N. Ford, and so here is my email to her:
"I just read Countdown To Love (through and I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed it. Though at times I wanted to cringe at Kelly Grace Pickens' naive insistence about her fiance's good intentions, I liked reading about her gaining her independence and growing as a person. Good job with this book, and good luck on all of your future projects!"

This book is due in July.

Not sure what I'll read next or when I'll post next or anything, so... see you then!

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  1. Victoria, thank you for reviewing my book! This is a great idea for a review blog. Little known, or unknown, authors can use all the help they can get.