Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"But the mountain just ignores him and walks by.": Ben Loory

"Stories For The Nighttime and Some For The Day" (Amazon) by Ben Loory is a collection of short stories, due in July. These stories have a fairly broad range, from the main character being an octopus who lives in an apartment to a tree that discovered it could walk to the ocean and a house that sits by it. Sometimes the main characters are human, but no matter what sort of object or animal the main character is, the stories are all about humanity. Pretty much everything is a metaphor for some aspect of living.

I enjoyed most, if not all, of these stories. They all captured some sort of emotion, and I found myself reacting to quite a few of them. The wide range of subjects in his stories kept it interesting-sometimes reading about people gets dull, and the thought of living in a world where maybe, just maybe, you might find that an octopus has moved into an apartment next door, is pretty cool, actually. Anyway, here is what I wrote to Ben Loory:

"I just read Stories For The Nighttime and Some For The Day (through and I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your work. Pretty much all of the stories left me with some emotion or another, which I would say is a pretty good achievement. I read it all in pretty much one sitting, because your stories were just the right length that I could say "Oh, just one more... and now one more..." and so on. Thank you for your book, and good luck on all future projects."'

I'll be posting an author reply later. See you then!

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