Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"I had just come to accept that my life would be ordinary when extraordinary things began to happen.": Ransom Riggs

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Amazon) by Ransom Riggs was, at least to me, hyped up quite a bit. Quite a few blogs I read gave it excellent reviews. And I have to say that, in my opinion, it deserved all of the good reviews it could get.

This book is the story of a boy, Jacob, who was told fantastical stories by his grandfather as a child. Stories of a home where "peculiar" children were housed, children who could levitate, or who were invisible, or any other number of strange qualities. He supplemented these stories with photographs. Once Jacob gets older, he stops believing in the stories and his grandfather stops telling them. Then, his grandfather dies, leaving him with some cryptic last words that indicate that he should go to the house his grandfather told him about. While he's there, he makes a number of discoveries, and realizes he's gotten into far more than he bargained for.

I think my favorite part about this book is the fact that every photograph mentioned in the book is also shown in the book (You can see one of them in the cover there. It's a bit hard to see, but the girl is floating above the ground.). It really helps the atmosphere the book creates. Also, the concept itself is fairly unique, and was definitely refreshing. The story itself is exceptionally well told. Basically, anyone interested in fantasy, historical fiction, or just good adventure stories should read this book.

I had better get onto the email, before I just ramble on forever about how much I loved this book. Here it is:
"I just finished reading Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and I wanted to tell you that I thought it was simply amazing. I've seen a bunch of good reviews and you deserve every one of them. I hope you know that you have created something simply fantastic. I hope you continue to write-I'll certainly be looking for more books from you. Good luck on all of your future projects!"

A few more things: I reached 500 total page views today. It may not be a huge achievement in the grand scheme of things, but I'm really proud, so thank you all for reading. Also, I have another author reply for tomorrow. I'm not entirely sure what I'll be reading next, so we'll see! See you tomorrow!

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  1. This is on my list of TBR. I hadn't read a lot of reviews, just was intrigued by the story plot. Glad to hear you really enjoyed it!