Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"This isn't Metropolis, Captain, and not just because our guy works at night.": Gotham Central

It's been awhile! Sorry! And this post is a little different. I've been reading a lot of Batman lately, so I decided to post about one of the lesser known series. At least, lesser known by me. The authors are fairly well known, and there are a few, so I'm not going to write to them.

Basically Gotham Central (Amazon) is about the police force of Gotham City. The Batman series has always been pretty big on the strange relationship the police force has with Batman-do they prosecute his vigilantism or enlist his aid? And is it his fault that suddenly Gotham has a bunch of more insane than usual criminals running around?

Batman does appear (how could he not?) but really, the focus is on the police officers. I really like the viewpoint it provides. They are all human, fleshed out characters, instead of the filler they often are in the Batman series.

I've only read the first two of the trade paperbacks so far, but you should definitely check these out if you love the world Batman is set in.

I have another book to write about, so maybe I'll get to that tomorrow! See you then!