Sunday, July 10, 2011

"The strange things about Williams was that nobody had ever seen him.": Will Lavender

Obedience (Amazon) by Will Lavender is a puzzle thriller about a class of students whose professor gives them an assignment. They must figure out where a missing girl is within six weeks or else she will be murdered.

I'm going to be honest here. I didn't really like this book very much at all. I'm not sure why. The premise itself is rather interesting. However, I found myself very frustrated with the characters. I also found myself not caring very much about the mystery itself by the very end, because it had all gotten too convoluted and I didn't feel like trying to follow it. However, I'm sure more hardcore fans of solving mysteries will love this book.

Here is my email to Will Lavender:
"I just finished reading Obedience and I wanted to congratulate you on creating a very complex mystery. Unfortunately, it was a bit too complex for my tastes-I'm not the kind of reader who really tries to solve the mystery before the end or anything like that-and I sort of got lost a few times. However, I'm sure more dedicated mystery solvers would love trying to figure out everything. I can definitely appreciate the complexity of what you did. Good luck on your future projects!"

Tomorrow begins the Once Upon A Readathon so expect a post about that, as well as a review of whatever I read!

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