Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Life is always full of next chapters, some of them never written.": Ed McBain

Ed McBain, writer of Nocturne (Amazon) is a very prolific author (apparently he also goes by Evan Hunter). I simply had never heard of him before. I must say, I'm a little saddened by that.

Nocturne was a wonderfully traditional murder mystery, following a few sets of detectives as they tried to solve different cases. It was the sort of novel that comes to my mind when I hear the word "gritty detective novel." I really enjoyed it. I must caution any potential readers though: there is a rather gruesome murder involving a bread knife, that made me feel slightly ill. However, McBain did a rather good job of keeping things to a reasonable amount of gore.

Here is what I wrote to Ed McBain:
"I just finished reading Nocturne. It was the first novel of yours I've read, though I can see you have quite a number of them available. I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed it. I'll most certainly be picking up more of your books in the future."

Time for my next book! Not sure what it will be yet, but I'll post when I'm done with it!

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  1. Hey I just subscribed to you blog and read the most recent few pages of entries and I love the concept of it. I try to pick up books by people I've never heard of before from time to time but I find myself generally reading more well known books. Anyway I don't know how to end this comment so uh... bye!