Sunday, July 17, 2011

"I am a brother to dragons, a companion to owls.": Jane Linskold

Brother To Dragons, Companion To Owls (Amazon) by Jane Linskold is a book I actually read years ago. Well, I've read it multiple times-probably around five or six. Basically, I really like this book. I decided to write about it because I haven't made an entry in awhile, and I didn't have any new books to write about. Plus, I think it deserves teh recognition.

So, it appears that since Brother To Dragons, Companion To Owls, Lane Linskold has been up to quite a bit-I'll have to check out some of her other books. Actually, a little fun fact: apparently the book was reissued in 2006 (I had the 1994 version) and the cover you see on the left is not the original cover. I couldn't find a picture of the original cover, unfortunately. Anyway, good for Jane Linskold! But onto talking about the book at hand.

Brother To Dragons, Companion to Owls is the story of a woman named Sarah, who has recently been ejected from the Home, which is basically like a mental hospital. She carries a stuffed animal dragon around with her, and can only speak in quotes. She also has a hidden ability-she can talk to inanimate objects, and find out things like who has been in a room lately. Eventually she finds a home with the Pack, a group of runaway teens who steal and prostitute themselves for money (though some do things more legitimately), and makes friends. However, soon someone comes looking for her, and her unique talents. Someone dangerous.

So I really like this book. The concept was rather unique, and the story was told well. I recommend it to anyone who likes science fiction or fantasy. Anyway, here is my letter:
"I read Brother To Dragons, Companion to Owls years and years ago-and many, many times. I just recently found it again, and decided to write to you. I saw, in looking for your email address, that it has recently been reissued (well, five years ago...), so congratulations for that. I also saw that you have written quite a bit since then-I'm going to have to check out your other books. But, I just wanted to say, I really loved Brother To Dragons, Companion to Owls when I first read it, and every rereading since. Thanks for writing such an awesome novel! Good luck with all of your future projects!"

Hopefully I'll post again tomorrow! See you then!

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