Monday, July 2, 2012

Tyra Banks: "What in the hell was that?"

 Hello everybody! I'm back! And with a hell of a book. Modelland by Tyra Banks (Amazon). That's right, Tyra Banks wrote a book. It's about an alternate reality, with thinly veiled references to the real world (Capucchina = Italy, for instance). In this world, models (known as Intoxibellas) have super powers. For instance, the power of Thirty Never means when a girl reaches thirty, she will begin to look eighteen again, and the cycle will continue until she perishes. In this world, girls are chosen to attend Modelland, where they learn how to become supermodels. Not everyone who attends Modelland becomes an Intoxibella, making it strikingly similar to a certain television show...

I feel like I'm doing a poor job of describing this book. There is really a lot to it. I think that the best description is probably Harry Potter meets modeling, with an overuse of adjectives. Now, this book is fluff, pure and simple. To me, at least. However, I could certainly see how Tookie De La Creme, self dubbed Forgetta-Girl, could be an inspiring heroine to younger girls. But there are also a few weird aspects-for instance, there is a vague anti-male tone. I think it's just supposed to teach young girls to be independent, but there are times it borders on strange.

Really, if any of this sounds intriguing to you, Modelland is actually worth a read. Though it's a bit ridiculous, the fanciful nature is addictive in the same way chick lit or trashy TV can be. 

I briefly tried to find contact information for Tyra Banks, but it was fruitless. Oh well! 

I'm going to try to start writing more frequently again. See you soon!

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